An insight on why work laptops won’t be getting Windows 11 sooner

Last year, in October, Microsoft released its latest Windows operating system under the name of Windows 11. According to a research, the transition to Windows 11 in businesses may take some time.

According to Nexthink, a digital employee experience agency, shifting to the latest version of Windows could affect the productivity ratio of companies. As a result, many of them are not going forward with the adaptation.

The data from the research shows that almost forty percent of the computer devices linked with business are good to go with Windows 11 as their operating system, while keeping the fact aside that by 2025, Windows 11 will be the default operating system for Microsoft on all devices.

Further research revealed that most of the devices that were compatible with the new OS, only 35% agreed not to proceed with Windows 11. On the other hand, nearly 25% said that they were about to receive the updated version soon.

After anonymously analyzing more than three million computers present in up to 457 companies, the research team concluded that the shifting procedure may not actually become a headache. While the time by which Windows 11 will become the default OS is still 3 years away, Nexthink has calculated that almost 4,212,000 hours might be needed to get the devices on board with compatibility.

As per Yassine Zaied, the Chief Strategy Officer of the research team, companies believe that upgrading will make them up-to-date with innovation but are scared to deal with the aftermath in case of any risk associated with it. This leads to the idea of updating being dropped by the companies.

Yassine further expressed that if proper understanding is ensured of what needs to be taken care of before updating, it can give benefit to the companies. Not only this, but a proper educational workshop for the employees based on the importance of moving forward with innovation is also required.

A study carried out by Lansweeper claimed that unlike Windows 11, Windows XP is more widely available.

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