Instagram starts testing out new story layout that shows only three stories at one time

Have you ever had a moment where you had to aggressively tap through hundreds of stories that someone on your Instagram posted? If you are someone that finds this frustrating, then we have a good news for you.

The photo and video sharing application has started working on a new way of displaying stories that solves exactly this problem.

This new way of displaying stories will show the viewers only the first three stories while hiding the rest from them and skipping onto the next stories on the feed, so what to do if you want to view all the stories of an account? Well, you simply have to click a 'see all' button that will open up all of their stories.

The feature is not intended to stop people from posting more stories and the current number of Instagram stories you can post is still 100, however what this feature intends to do is to make its users view stories from more people in a smaller time frame.

This means that if you are not interested in viewing someone's story you want to tap through their whole story and will simply be onto the next story in three taps.

This update is crucial for creators that post story content on Instagram, since they will have to make their stories more engaging for users to click the view all button and have significant views on their stories.

As of now the feature is still being tested and the feature is only out for a small number of users, thus it can be established that the photo sharing application is still testing the feature and might make a few changes according to user preferences.

Considering the fact that the feature is in its testing phase, we cannot estimate its official release, however what people are estimating is the fact that it might take a toll on Instagram creators. Do you think the same? Tell us in the comments below.

H/T: Phil Ricelle / Twitter

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