Instagram’s Photographer Community lose 50 percent of their engagement as the app switches its focus to short form video content

The social media world is constantly evolving and the people who use it are quick to shift and incline with these changes too. Currently, the trend in short form video content and the use of Reels have popularly emerged.

While this started from the famous short form video application, TikTok other applications have hopped on the bandwagon too. Among many such applications, Instagram happens to be one. The application which was once famous for its photos aesthetics is now solely focusing on growing in the video department.

However, while the growth is great for Instagram, there is a particular community on the application which is facing its drawback. Instagram photography community faced a backlash as Instagram started focusing on its video content more.

Many photographers on the platform grew because of the aesthetics and jaw dropping pictures they posted however, with the video focus being the applications’ main motive their engagement has dropped by 50 percent.

The surveys show that many photographers initially didn’t understand what to do, however now many are taking different roads. Some photographers are quick to learn and polish their videography skills to ensure that they keep up their engagement, while others are keeping their old school blogs.

Several Instagram photographers stated that they were disappointed with the way Instagram turned around things and how their profession was affected.

However, this is what has been happening for long. Social media is like changing weather and its continuously changing too. People in it are quickly picking up the changing trends, and those that don’t lose their engagement.

From what we like, while photographers did start off with photos as their content, picking up videos won’t hurt anyone. Having diverse content is aesthetic and we would love to see the photographers within the community show their skills in videography too.

H/T: Insider.

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