Instagram Mimics TikTok’s Success Formula To Recommending Videos

TikTok, since its introduction into the social media market, has not slowed down from dominating the topmost social media platforms. The app has amassed the highest number of monthly active users alongside. The platform even managed to secure the highest ranking in average screen time spent by users on the app. It is not a surprise that social media platforms in the market are now mimicking TikTok's formula of success.

The Instagram reel is a feature that is too similar to TikTok's short videos. One can argue their differences; however, a new update by Instagram may just prove that Instagram is desperately trying to copy its competitor. Instagram users across India are observing specific design changes. While scrolling through their usual reels feed, Instagram users are now seeing the following tab!

Salman Memon, an app enthusiast and researcher, is one of the first few people to report about the new feature. However, all reports are localized to India. As for the feature, the addition of the following tab allows users a new way to scroll through the reels on Instagram.

The approach is not very different from that of TikTok. Both platforms are now using the following tab as a way to push content to users that they are likely to engage with, and the algorithms used by the two platforms are getting increasingly similar to each other!

The secret to TikTok's success is that it does not restrict your content to the people you follow, unlike other platforms. The algorithm is constantly monitoring your likes/dislikes and your engagement with any videos pushed by the platform. While you are still shown the videos of people you follow, TikTok utilizes its algorithm to deliver diverse content based on your likes and dislikes.

Instagram reels, too, make use of the same set of instructions to deliver alternating content. It includes videos from the people you follow and popular videos on the platform similar to your interests. Moreover, instead of a creator's content coming up to you randomly while scrolling the feed, it is now injected into the reels feature, where it can easily be accessed. This leads to higher engagement with the short videos on the platform!

However, despite Instagram Reel's effort to mimic TikTok's algorithm, They have not been able to perfect the secret formula yet. TikTok's workings, as outlined by their own internal teams, are complex and take into consideration a number of factors to build a profile on you. Any engagement on the user's video is considered a signal and taken into account. Was the video finished? Did the user like the video? Did they comment on it and share it? Did they view the video again or view the creator's profile? Was it watched more than once, and if yes, then how many times? Each action is recorded no matter how significant it may seem to you as a user.

Additionally, the team says that each element present in the video is organized and classified. It helps build an intricate and extremely specific collection of videos that is for you. Instagram reels are not on that level yet.

Even the CEO of Facebook said that short video content is the preferred form of delivery. He went on to say that AI recommendations are far more personal to your experience, and any content pushed to you by an intelligence algorithm will likely get engagement from you. These remarks only prove that TikTok's approach to broadening and diversifying content was correct!

The shift in content being recommended to you is a big one, especially for platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They have been restricted to suggesting content that comes directly from your followers, following, friends and family. TikTok may have just changed your content recommendations forever!

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