Instagram In The Line Of Fire After Failing To Address Influencers’ Concerns About Impersonated Accounts

Fake accounts have been a leading issue for Instagram and the fact that the app is yet to tackle the great challenges that come along with it is really bothering influencers.

After all, many rely on the social network for their income and the thought of people impersonating them through fake accounts is daunting, to say the least.

Recently, we’ve seen impersonated accounts pick up the pace and that’s especially true for financial influencers who claim to be affected more than the rest.

Most of the complaints are related to scammers who copy real accounts belonging to influencers in such a way that it’s hard to tell the difference if any. The end result is vulnerable fans who fall for the scam and end up feeling disappointed in the end.

Now, content creators are raising their voices in the hopes of Instagram taking stricter action against such accounts because they feel the app just isn’t doing enough to address the matter.

From stealing their images to copying their stories too- the list of tactics being used by these impersonators is appalling and really bothersome to influencers who feel the app is to blame for allowing the issue to magnify to such a severe extent.

Influencers claim they’ve tried everything to help make their fans aware of the seriousness of the situation. This includes sending out reminders about the increasing number of scams but without Instagram intervening, there isn’t much hope.

In a recent interview that was conducted by Insider, a group of finance influencers shed light on how they’ve been open targets for impersonators in the past year. And that has to do with the growing interest people have in cryptocurrency and investments as a whole.

Now, they claim to have reached a point where fake accounts are negatively impacting their careers and the great bonds they share with followers. Therefore, they’re calling out the app to turn their verification process into a much simpler ordeal, not to mention the reporting protocols in place for such concerns.

One particular finance influencer by the name of Sarah Rosalie shared how hard it has been for her to get the Instagram ‘tick mark’ verification which she thinks would help her followers confirm that it’s really her and not a fake account.

Another big name in the world of finance influencers is Marko Zlatic who appears to be so fed up with the same issues, over and over again. Moreover, he also claims that reporting matters like these on Instagram is an absolute nightmare.

He also adds that the entire verification protocol is insanely difficult because he’s done everything in terms of giving evidence, yet he struggles to achieve verification. He also strongly advocated for the ‘blue tickmark’ as being revolutionary for the app and a major solution for problems like these.

It’s shocking to learn how scammers are now even going as far as actively engaging with influencers’ fans through direct messages, giving them false hope that it’s really them at the other end.

Another suggestion being put forward by influencers is hiding their ‘following’ list to resolve the matter. But for now, they’re just hoping Instagram can wake up before it’s too late.

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