The Number Of Outdated Apps Exceed Those Updated By Users On The Google Play and Apple App Store

One new study is shedding light on the simple fact that outdated apps are definitely mounting in number when compared to those active on the Google Play and Apple App Store. But why is that a concern?

Well, for starters, outdated apps serve as huge risks for end-users in terms of security. Secondly, it didn’t make sense how more than 1.5 million abandoned apps had been discovered out of 5 million apps in total. Clearly, there has no business being there.

The news comes through a recently conducted research by Pixalate which is renowned for its analytics. Here is where the report delineated how Apple is finally moving forward in terms of deleting all those outdated apps that have been left abandoned for quite some time now.

And while the news made plenty of sense as to why the tech giant was following through with the decision, it certainly didn’t leave a pleasant taste in so many developers’ mouths.

To generate the statistics, Pixalate had to work hard at scavenging through both the App Store and the Google Play Store. Those apps that had not been touched in terms of updates for two years and more were labeled as outdated.

The study showed how both Android and iOS stores were filled with outdated apps and there was no clear winner as the figures were shocking in both. However, what they did find really weird is how the number of updated apps had only just reached 1.3 million, in a period of six months.

But with the bad does come some good news. While they may be posing as major security risks, both Google, as well as Apple, are already working on ways to get them out of the system at the earliest. Hence, the wake-up call has been given.

For instance, Apple has been very vocal about how three years and older apps without updates are classified as outdated and will be removed after receiving warnings through emails sent out to their developers. But Apple has also announced recently how it will also be ridding those apps that didn’t manage to cross a certain threshold for downloads.

But thankfully, developers will be given a 90-day period of action to make the decision to act or leave it as it is. However, apps removed will only be done so from the App Store. And that means those present on the user's phones will remain as it is.

In April, tech giant Google unveiled its plans to eliminate outdated apps by the end of the year. But Google plans on taking stricter action than Apple, whenever it does, as the company says they’re also going to be hiding pages of the app along with any installations. This means even if you’ve got an outdated app on your smart device, it won’t work if it’s older than two years.

Hence, in case you happen to be an app developer, now is the time to get moving and begin updating before it’s too late.
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