Google Will Add ‘End To End’ Encryption To RCS Group Chats After Unveiling 500 Million Active Users

Google is planning to add the ‘end to end’ encryption functionality to its RCS group chats. The big decision was announced by the company although not on stage at this year’s I/O 2022 Summit.

This new feature is major news for Google Messages as it was unveiled in 2020 how support for this feature would soon be provided for all users with Android devices around the world. During that start, the functionality was restricted to the 1:1 chats.

Reporters from Android Police were the first to break the news, who confirmed with a copy of an email how excited the company was in general for the change, adding how beneficial it would be for users.

But it must be remembered how the new update was not going to be for everyone. Instead, it would first be rolled out to open Beta users.

On the other hand, at the I/O 2022 summit, Google was all praise for its mega achievement of getting 500 million active RCS users. Hence, this was the perfect chance for the tech giant to throw shade on Apple in regards to the major breakthrough.

In case you weren’t already aware, Apple refuses to accept how great RCS is as a replacement for standard SMS messaging for iPhones. While we agree that Apple’s own iMessage is leading the race in terms of texting for the US, it’s solely restricted to iOS users for now and that means sending out messages to those with Android devices means resorting to SMS again.
For now, we’re still in the initial stage of incorporating complete encryption for group conversations but this is definitely a great start. But it will only be better appreciated if Apple accepts the decision with open arms instead of showing its reservations.

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