Google Provides A Detailed Glimpse Of Its New AR Glasses

Wearable technology is undoubtedly trending and Google is making sure the world knows it’s competing with other tech giants to provide a version that’s memorable, to say the least.

While Google Glass may have been full of controversies and more, they are not backing down in terms of their efforts.

Google recently unveiled its new AR Glasses product via a short but intriguing video at the I/O 2022 Google Summit. The video sheds light on what the company is working on and it’s safe to say that it's revolutionary in terms of usage.

The tech giant revealed how it hopes the new venture can cut down upon language barriers because as soon as the user wears it, translation begins to appear right in front of their eyes.

Users can continue to converse with people from different countries and still be able to carry out a conversation with full understanding when wearing the product.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s very similar to having subtitles follow an individual around. And while this was the only glimpse being provided by the tech giant, it seemed more promising than ever.

As far as the description part is concerned, Google’s CEO mentioned during his speech at the summit that if you’re willing to move ahead in today’s modern world, then you’ve got to make the most of technology to enhance your experiences.

Clearly, it’s evident that Google learned this lesson after the failure of its AR Glasses. Previously, there were plenty of reservations coming into play by critics regarding the safety standards of this product. But we’re not seeing that happen this time around. As mentioned by CEO Sundar Pichai, this device is focused on augmented reality and the ways through which it can positively influence people’s lives.

We’ve seen the great benefits of AR in regard to smartphones but it’s time to see the magic unfold in terms of the real world. And that is what Google is aiming for with the launch.

At the moment, it’s not quite clear what are the other features that Google has planned for their AR glasses but the fact that it entails translations is a huge incentive worth consideration in terms of a major selling point.

Google says it hopes people can rely less on computer screens for interactions and more on enjoying the moment while it lasts.

It definitely seems like Google has put great thought into this venture and that’s why it’s hoping to do far better than its previous Google Glass launch.

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