Google Shares Exciting Updates Including New Maps, Secure Payments, Shopping Tools, And Enhanced Search Insights

This week is going to be big for Google as the tech giant gears up to host the upcoming 2022 I/O Summit. And that’s why it is sharing an exciting range of tools and updates including better ads, more secure payments, shopping tools, new maps, and greater search insights.

Google has made sure the event is going to be worthwhile for businesses and consumers. And here are some major updates that the company has made.

Google Maps gets a new look

Out of the many things announced, one huge highlight was related to Google’s launch of better Maps that combines Street View with aerial images to produce a much more complex and interactive model for the world to see.

With the new update in place, users can benefit from a hands-on view of what a particular area, venue, or landmark appears like through any device. And the feature looks promising, especially for those that wish to advertise their ventures online. In addition to that, users will benefit from more information markers that are laid on the screen. This gives rise to the potential for more marketing opportunities, including those that are affiliated with the tourism sector.

With assistance from AR development, Google hopes to let users experience the true vibes of actually being at a location before they decide on finalizing those reservations. This coupled with the tech giant’s initiative of adding AR features to both maps and search options is guaranteed to take things to the next level.

Another key feature for Maps includes the ARCore Geospatial APT. This functionality gives developers the green signal to add AR advancements to their Maps.

Google’s latest ad format and settings for users

When it comes to the ad's aspect of things, Google is reportedly testing a new format for its Search front. This is guaranteed to give shoppers a unique approach to glancing over their choices via the SERP.

With the new famous carousel ads in place for the Search, we’re seeing Google head towards a keen interest in eCommerce. And before you know it, the search engine would be the ideal location for fulfilling users’ shopping ambitions.

Along with the new ad  format Google is also adding new ad settings for user, "We want to make it even easier for you to control the ads you see. Towards the end of this year, we’ll launch more controls for your ads privacy settings: a way of choosing which brands to see more or less of, and an easier way to choose whether to personalize your ads. My Ad Center gives you even more control over the ads you see on YouTube, Search, and your Discover feed, while still being able to block and report ads. You’ll be able to choose the types of ads you want to see — such as fitness, vacation rentals or skincare — and learn more about the information we use to show them to you.", said Google in a blog post.

Virtual Card - A more worthwhile online payment method

Google revealed its interest in the betterment of online payments. The virtual card feature that it hopes to introduce soon to users is a great way to buy online products. Moreover, the fact that no credit card number details are necessary is great.

You can compare it to the functioning of password generators. Through random codes being added to your Google ID, the actual personal information is disguised from potential vendors.

“About This” results website receives an expansion

Users will now see a completely different outlook when they choose to view websites on the Google App. Through the introduction of new tabs, you can gain further insights about URLs. Details such as reviews or feedback from others or short bios about the web page itself would be included.

This helps to add an element of trustworthiness for users who can gain further insights into what a particular page was all about.

At the same time, Google is trying hard to eliminate search results about users that can be easily accessed through the web like any personal details.

The new flow allows users to request the removal of any identity-related features through its Search. This way, no one can find their home address, number, age, occupations, etc. via the new tool. Simultaneously, users will benefit from monitoring the exact status of any removal request.

This functionality comes alongside the request to remove search listings related to personal details.

Other new updates coming soon

Google has announced the opening of its second store, which will be located in Williamsburg in Brooklyn. The company’s first physical store was in New York City, which was launched last year.

As far as Google Translate is concerned, users can expect to see an addition of 24 languages along with translations reaching up to a whopping amount of 133 languages, accompanied by changes related to regions.

Other potential announcements have to do with the tech giant’s hardware devices such as Pixel phones and once the I/O conference is completed, we’ll be seeing more updates regarding this and other product/developer features too.

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