Softonic review: Is it a legit website in 2022 for downloading software?

New technologies are part of everyday life for the majority of the world's population. Whether for work or entertainment, the Internet is the largest possible source of information, as well as a wide network of platforms from which you can do everything from listening to music, to watching movies, playing games, buying clothes, food, etc.

These platforms are used by thousands of users every day for different purposes, many people surf the internet day after day, so the amount of information exchanged is also very high. Many users ask themselves the same question that is raised in this article: is it safe to surf the internet? To what extent is it important to know from which website you are downloading content?

There are legal and safe download platforms, but there are also many others that put the operating system of the electronic device from which you are connecting to the network at risk. In the first case, it is worth mentioning Softonic, a safe, legal download platform with many years of internet presence. is safe for users and has certain mechanisms in place to prevent fraud, the intrusion of viruses and malware on electronic devices and, after all, to guarantee the security and protection of personal data stored on each user's computer, tablet, laptop or mobile phone.

These mechanisms are also based on a prior scanning, from +50 antivirus, of all links to be published on the platform and which redirect the user to the download points. This mechanism automatically checks all links and download content to ensure that they do not contain malware, viruses or malicious content that could infect files on the device connected to the network.

Softonic also has a human team behind the screens that also checks the links and all the downloadable content linked to the links to block threats, suspicious content, etc. In other words, if a link is infected, it will be automatically blocked, and the user will be notified.

It should be noted that whenever a link is suspicious or is known to contain malicious content, the platform's security mechanisms will automatically block it or inform the user of the problem. three different messages may appear notifying that, on the one hand, the download link has been blocked because it contains some kind of malware, on the other hand, the link has not been blocked but is suspected of containing a virus and therefore the user is not recommended to proceed with the download, and finally, the notification that the download is free of any kind of malware attack. This does not mean that the download cannot be carried out, only that the page to which the user is redirected for the download will probably be different.

In this sense, it is a totally safe and reliable download platform, with years of experience on the internet and with a wide catalogue of links from which to download any type of content, from games to apps and software without having to worry about malicious content.

In short, it is a very intuitive download platform that is easy to use and does not require prior instructions or a user guide in order to use it. In just a few clicks, users can download the content they are interested in.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Softonic has a large community that also helps day after day to make this platform work better and improve. That is why if, as a user, you find a downed link, suspected of containing viruses or malware, it is important that you notify Softonic's professional team so that they can block this download website.
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