Top 5 VPN Picks For 2022 In Focus

Public WI-FI is a service that many of us are accustomed to. Be it at the airport, your local diner, a famous shopping place, or perhaps your local neighborhood’s library - you'll find it everywhere. Whatever the case may be, many of us think of it as a savior because online connectivity is the key to functioning in today’s modern world.

But wait, did you ever go about thinking how unsafe this sort of practice really is? Yes, public Wi-Fi is another way for hackers to get easy access to your personal information. Be it credit card details, your phone number, passwords, IDs, and more- they’re all up for grabs.

However, with the invention of Virtual private network (VPN), we’ve all been given a second chance at gaining greater insights into a much more secure world of public Wi-Fi connections.

Through this safe practice, you no longer need to worry about digital security as VPNs encrypt online traffic and then re-route it in a private tunnel. This disguises your IP address and that means you can enjoy hours of safe public browsing.

With hundreds of VPNs being tested on a routine basis, the list of the best VPN services of the year is out. And below, we’re outlining the top five preferences that take a number of different features into consideration.


If you’re an avid entertainment buff then this is the VPN service for you. Downloading movies and shows has never been easier than now. Most importantly, you can connect as many devices as you’d like. It’s no wonder why so many tech experts rank it among the top 5!


Again, you’ll find this VPN service free from surveillance alliances thanks to its location in the Virgin Islands. But the biggest reason for its popularity is related to the unlimited number of subscriptions. The company also provides a free-of-cost one-month trial and if you take on their one of two-year packages, you’re bound to benefit from some major discounts.


But there are some major disadvantages that have struck out against other leading VPN services. For example, it’s definitely not the fastest in pace, there isn’t any phone support, and in case you wish to make the best use of the kill switch, a manual setup is needed with stationary IP addresses.


Designed for the sole purpose of keeping users safe online, you can’t get a safer means than NordVPN. The company is being hailed as one of the leading firms in terms of security features but it also has an additional amount of functionalities that can’t be found anywhere else.


From its stringent logging-in protocols to the fact that it’s located in Panama and hence isn’t under the influence of surveillance cameras- the list of benefits is plenty. This includes enjoying the benefits of Netflix access in different countries and its double VPN measures for those really concerned about protecting their privacy.

While it’s not cheap in terms of pricing, around $12 a month, you just might be able to score some great discounts on their bundle packages.


It’s not the best in terms of customer support services and that means you’ll need to work your way around figuring out most of the things with help from elsewhere or doing it yourself. Secondly, iOS users will notice that NordVPN does not turn off all the apps via the ‘kill switch’. In addition to that, you’ll be restricted to torrenting support, and must work your way around stationary IP addresses.

Private Internet Access VPN

This leading VPN service makes the list for some pretty obvious reasons but the biggest one of them all is related to being the best at providing a secure connection for those with a Windows computer. Many hail the service for being extremely strict in regard to security and it’s been known how this firm has never been asked to hand out users’ data. This is some major news because despite being based in the US and having a surveillance team overlooking things, it’s been doing a decent job.

This VPN service is being hailed because it was one of the very few that take customization into consideration. That means users have options to choose from like those that prioritize speed over security or vice versa.


The strict logging policy again is the most salient feature of them all as is the fast functioning across Windows. Netflix fans can get easy access and the high reviews for different apps have also been a standout functionality.


The speed on Mac is slow and the fact that it’s based in the US has another worrisome factor attached. Other than that, split tunneling is not an option for iPhone users.


Say hello to a VPN service that offers the best in terms of features like enhanced encryption, fast speed, and even some additional points such as split tunneling. But experts claim one major point that truly sets it apart from others is the robust customer service., available at all times. This is something extremely rare for VPN companies.


Split tunneling is a major advantage as is the fast turnaround speeds for downloads. This coupled with unlimited device connections adds another incentive for buyers as does the capability of Torrenting. The Kill Switch that makes sure your sensitive files are protected at all times is another ideal functionality.

IPVarnish is also one of the selected few whose privacy policies are one step ahead of the rest because it comes audited.


Based in the US, it’s being monitored through the surveillance alliance and the firm also tends to work at much slower speeds for Windows. Thanks to WireGuard Protocol, there has been a noted difference but that’s as good as it gets. Another leading drawback is related to the company’s long-term history of sharing users’ customer logs.


If pricing seems to be a major factor in determining your VPN selection, then Ivacy is your go-to service. Deemed to be the most affordable of the lot- around $1.20 per month! And it’s located in Singapore so again, no worries about surveillance or data being handed over to government agencies.


Despite low pricing, users will benefit from strict logging, which means you won’t have to worry about disclosing too much personal information. You can get affordable subscriptions for a long duration and benefit from effective split tunneling too with unlimited Netflix. It truly sounds like a major bargain to us. Their services have been called out for their customization for different purposes.


With the great benefits are some major drawbacks like poor speeds for Apple users and Kill Switch options only available to Windows as well as Mac. And when the speed of downloads is slow too, it can really be a little annoying for users.

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