Google Discover Announces New Experiences In The Form Of Video Ads As Its Search And YouTube Shorts Gain New Formats

Google Discover will soon gain new shopping and advertising opportunities that users can expect in the form of video ads.

The news comes as Google Search and YouTube Shorts benefit from a wide range of new formats that we can see rolling out by next year. Google made the decision through its Marketing Live division which more or less handles the advertising aspects of things.

We’re not too surprised as YouTube Shorts was already busy in its trial phase of testing out advertisements, which actually began last year. Hence, when Google made the announcement recently relating to how it will soon be launching the feature for all advertising stakeholders present globally, it was just a long time coming.

Meanwhile, we saw the search engine giant mention how the new functionality would serve as a wonderful opportunity to link product feed with different campaigns relating to video ads that were now shoppable.

The decision was publicly announced and Google shed light on how it considered the launch a huge milestone for different advertisers. In the same way, they emphasized how this was just another golden opportunity for creators to find an effective monetization strategy that would work long term. They also stated that more information about the plan would be shared in detail soon and that means we’ll just need to keep our eyes open for that.

But what exactly can we expect? Well, users will now have the ‘Ad badge’ at their disposal which is described as being yellow in color. Similarly, a small introduction with the respective advertiser’s name would be provided as would the ‘Show Now’ feature being located towards the screen’s bottom. On the other hand, another range of products would also be displayed via a carousel that users can diligently swipe across.

Google Discover says users should also gear up for video ads making their way to the platform as most of the hype was at first related to TV or YouTube Shorts. But with Google Discover on board, it’s a whole new experience altogether.

While these new ads will not be playing as a default action, we won’t be seeing their audio as default too. Remember, there is a particular button command that allows you to press play and hear or mute the audio, depending on your preference.

We just hope the new format provides users with the chance to selectively disable the autoplay previews, which is something that’s been present for a while now by simply clicking on the settings tab and going to the general section.

We’re also seeing Google Search benefit from innovative and greatly visible ads for Shopping that would soon be rolling out only for US-based users by the end of the year. This will be seen on the top left of the screen.

Users would be allowed to swipe across the different pictures that come alongside different an array of details such as pricing or product rating. A common example of a description could be loyalty.

As Google recently mentioned, users would soon be seeing a feature being rolled out in the next few months that promotes different loyalty advantages to clients based in the US, whenever they engage in shopping experiences via different loyalty campaigns scattered through Google.

These are wonderful chances to develop better relations between brands and their customers. And before you know it, Google will also enable the convenience of merging ads with it.

Lastly, we can soon expect to see three-dimensional models of different goods offered by merchants. These will be visible on Google Search and might come with taglines like ‘used by 90% of customers in the US’.

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