Apple Is Adjusting Plenty Of Its Rules As The Company Announces Policy Changes In The App Store

Last year during the WWDC event, we saw Apple announce an array of policy changes that it hoped to implement soon. Be it bounty hunting or simply games, everything was sure to get a makeover.

And now that we’re one year down the line and gearing up for this year's WWDC event, the tech giant is going viral as it continuously sends out reminders to its developers about how some major policy updates would undergo a flip switch. This includes those updates that come under the category of being immensely delayed.

Two of those major changes are said to come into play as early as June 30. For starters, we’ll see apps enabling online group services at an additional fee would now be forced to use Apple’s in-app system for payments.

The second major update would be related to developers providing simple account deletions. This will be for all those apps that enable users to make their own personal accounts and hence deleting stored data would no longer be a major challenge with the new update in place.

We never saw the update about online services for groups being unveiled at last year’s WWDC event. In reality, it has predated that. Moreover, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Apple has been guilty of causing a delay for years, talking about it at least three times before it was actually finalized for enforcement.

In 2020, we saw it being delayed because apps like Facebook registered complaints about how the move could negatively impact tiny businesses. Similarly, another delay came into play in the year 2021, and that’s right before it was going to be implemented in January of this year.

This year on January 22, we saw the tech giant issue another major delay for both the updates mentioned above, finalizing the date to June 30 of this year. The reason provided by the company was related to developers requiring more time to carry out updates on their apps.

And now, finally, we’re hoping that no more delays would be scheduled because the company has unleashed several final reminders in this regard.

The one that’s related to the deletion of accounts has a really elaborate policy of requirements. Firstly, the options for the user account deletion must be readily and easily available. Secondly, for apps requiring sign-ins through Apple, a revoked token must be obtained by users through the REST API, whenever the decision is taken to delete any account.

Thirdly, it’s just not acceptable to simply deactivate or disable any account. Users must have the option to click delete which ensures complete removal of their personal data too.

Fourthly, accounts belonging to industries that are stringently regulated should give extra customer service options that assist with the entire deletion process. And last but not least, all liable legal requirements must be taken into consideration, especially when it comes down to the handling of different accounts and eliminating any sources of personal data that may have been stored along the way. Additionally, different countries have different local laws and all of these must be considered.

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