Google Maps ‘Street View’ Feature Gets Exciting Upgrades Including A Portable Street View Camera

In honor of its 15 years of existence, Google Maps is giving its Street View functionality some new upgrades as revealed by the company today.

For starters, users can expect one exciting new feature that would soon be rolled out to both iPhone and Android users. This will display some Street View images that are historical, adding convenience to mobile users on the go.

But the real upgrade that has many people talking about is related to a brand new camera that can be easily carried to different places due to its portable design. With this new venture, the company is hoping to make it so much easier for users to click images through Street View in the near future.

We’ve been seeing Street View in use since the year 2014 and that has allowed so many users to get an up-close and personal glimpse of how a certain location appears and how it has altered over all these years, thanks to Google Maps being available on Desktops.

The only difference now is that you’ll be relying more on your smartphone device instead of the classic desktop. In case you’re wondering how to access it, well, simply tap any point on the screen in front of you. The only catch is that you need to be in Street View mode for it to actually work.

Next, click on ‘See More Dates’ and before you know it, you’ll gain access to some historical images of the past relating to your location of choice.

Google claims that users would be able to see images as old as 2007 but provided that the location still exists on the map.

Moving on to the much anticipated portable camera, well, this one is all about clicking imagery in the form of a 360-degree angle.

At the moment, the tech giant is making use of dedicated vehicles and devices called Trekkers which comprise backpacks fitted with large cameras. But keeping in mind today’s modern times and convenience, the new portable camera launch will not only cut down on the size of old devices but also integrate functionality all in one place.

The modern device weighs a mere 15 pounds and as Google mentions, that’s way less than the weight of your average house cat.

But what’s so special about the new camera? Well, users can expect to see a device that makes it so much easier to click Street View images at any location in the world. And that enables it to be upgraded on a more frequent basis.

From Google’s point of view, they no longer have to pay extra costs to have cameras fitted inside vehicles and have them transported to specific sites, they can now rely on retrofitting their devices into an existing vehicle.

The fact that the company has strapped its old-fashioned heavy-weight cameras to all sorts of vehicles like snowmobiles or perhaps Venetian gondolas, it’s not hard to imagine a long list of new vehicles that would now be fitted with the modern camera device.

While the Search Engine giant continues to boast about how portable the new camera is, the company’s head of hardware mentioned how the benefits provided by the panorama appear at the end of it all.

That is where it was delineated how the sensors are of high quality and are working at a lower signal to the amount of noise taking place. Therefore, what you get towards the end is an array of stunning images.

Did we mention how every camera has seven sensors that give rise to panoramic views at 140- megapixels resolution. Moreover, the built of the sensors is such that it’s customizable and that means they can be incorporated whenever they are needed.

Street View can be defined as a genuinely useful functionality as well as a fun feature that is going to be a hard match for other competitors to beat. But again, for Google, cameras on the streets are super useful when we take the general Google Maps app into consideration too, providing an improvement to an already useful feature.

This includes the addition of businesses that have recently popped onto the scene to Google Maps, better knowledge of the operation hours for these setups, and also stats about the speed limits on those roads.

But for that, you’ll need to wait for the new Google launch that’s expected next year.

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