Gartner’s New Survey Reveals Key Insights Into CEOs Top Priorities

Sustainability has been a topic of great concern for quite some time, and it seems that CEOs of major businesses are finally taking notice of it. A survey carried out recently by Gartner interviewed CEOs. Accordingly to the report, a shift in the dynamics of the workplace priorities is being observed.

The sudden trend shift can be traced back to COVID-19. Several businesses were forced to be creative and remote work. The shift can still be seen lingering long after the pandemic. The recent takeover of Ukraine by Russia is also contributing to the trend shifts in workplaces that are being observed by CEOs. The survey by Gartner takes place each year, and the latest one took place between July through December last year. More than four hundred CEOs and significant business executives were a part of it. The survey included EMEA, North America and APAC regions. Moreover, it included a range of industries with changing profit margins and scalability.

Environmental sustainability made its way to the top priorities list for the first time since the inception of the survey. It currently stands at 8th place. Most of the CEOs included in the survey commented that a rise in sustainability can be a key factor in driving investors towards their company. Prior to investments, CEOs said environmental sustainability stands in the 3rd place for finalizing a decision.

Inflation also made its way to the top ten list. CEOs now regard inflation as a lifelong issue that needs to be dealt with competent strategies. However, about 51% of the participants said that they would increase prices to counter inflation. Only about 22% of the participants said that they would introduce productive and efficient strategies to tackle the issue. Funnily enough, productivity and efficiency failed to even appear in the top 10 list of priorities. Only 3% of CEOs considered costs and price when questioned about competition in differentiation.

Lastly and quite shockingly, the technologically advanced and newly introduced Metaverse failed to attract the attention of CEOs. AI or more commonly known as Artificial Intelligence is considered and reported to be the most helpful technology for CEOs for the 3rd year in a row! About 63% of the participants said that they do not view the virtual platform as a pivotal aspect of advancing their business model. While CEOs have been quite enthusiastic about investing in technologically progressive ideas, when it comes to Metaverse, it seems that they are reluctant.

Gartner’s full report is available on their website for everyone to read. If you want to learn the critical priorities of this year, the report is a must-read!

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