Facebook’s Podcasts Take A U-Turn As The App Confirms Its Exit From The Venture

We’ve been hearing plenty of news, on and off, about Facebook and its podcasts. But now, it appears the app has taken a major u-turn decision regarding just that.

The writing may have been in its draft form last month but now, the platform has confirmed that it's steering clear from the podcasting business for good.

Just last year, we heard so much talk about how the Meta-owned app was excited about the launch of several audio formats, and this entailed podcasts too. And before we knew it, the feature was out and about for users by June.

But now it seems the hype has diminished significantly despite the company being super excited to venture out into an area that people once considered booming.

Just last month, plenty of speculation broke out about how the social media platform was taking a major u-turn decision as it no longer had any interest in the project. But that’s not all. A new report shows how the app has confirmed the removal of all podcasts from next month onwards.

Facebook explained to creators the same news in case they were still interested as they’ll no longer be allowed to incorporate podcasts as early as June 3. Another report by Bloomberg spoke of the same news. In fact, they claim Facebook is all geared up to remove Soundbites which is the name allotted to a short audio-making tool.

Many people can’t help but ask why the social media giant has reversed back on podcasting and the answer according to Facebook is pretty simple. They are now more keen on focusing on a number of other projects such as the much-anticipated metaverse, eCommerce, and short video endeavors.

Meanwhile, Facebook also does not plan on making the mega exit from podcasting themselves. Instead, they’re super keen on allowing their partners to make the final call about the demise, in whatever manner they wish.

The news isn’t that bad because while we see podcasts make an exit, we’ll be seeing the entry of Live playing audio rooms that would serve as hosts for chats seen on apps like Clubhouse which will make its way to Facebook Live.

Last year, the audio market was booming with Spotify and Clubhouse reaching peaks in their sales and it’s obvious that Facebook wanted to make the most of the chance too. But now, the opposite is true. It’s just too saturated and users are keener on other better options for podcasts than this.

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