Elon Musk Attacks Apple By Criticizing Its App Store Fees For Developers

Ever since he gained complete ownership of social media giant Twitter, Elon Musk has been excessively active on the platform with the constant firing of tweets.

While many are deeming him as the man of the moment after successfully finalizing a bombshell deal to become the company’s owner, others don’t appear to be too content with his sudden outburst.

Recently, the world’s richest man attacked tech giant Apple through his Twitter posts where he called out the App Store for its big fee for developers. Moreover, he even went as far as claiming that the fee could be viewed as adding 30% taxes on the web and that is something he feels is so not ok.

Whether many found it worth a debate or not, one thing is for sure. Tim Sweeney from the Epic retweeted the same Musk post and that clearly shows how much he agreed, adding it was high time someone spoke up on the matter.

But what’s so interesting is that this is certainly not the very first time that the Tesla owner has made it clear that he’s not in favor of the additional fee.

Last year in June, Musk called out the company’s decision and labeled it as nothing less than a global tax that was slammed across the internet. If you remember, this was also the same time that Musk opened up another debate on how the tech giant made use of an alternative payment strategy for its digital products. And if not, then they shouldn’t have an issue with its users making selections from other stores.

But Musk did not stop there either. When questioned about his plans to give access to Tesla’s supercharging network for use by other third parties, his response was epic. And that’s when he boldly said he had no interest in making any walled garden. Instead, he much rather preferred sharing the benefits while hiding his negative criticism of Apple via a cough.

We again witnessed another major hit at Apple when Musk was questioned about the condition of Tesla’s supply chain. And that led him again to drag Apple into the conversation. Musk revealed that Apple’s batteries were making use of cobalt completely but that wasn’t the case here as Tesla’s had a much lesser percentage.

Clearly, so much comparison with Apple is another indication that the tech giant is always on the billionaire’s mind. And that’s why his recent calling out of the company on Twitter is being looked upon as a blast from the past and nothing new. Most importantly, the tweet is harmless for Apple but again, the firm is facing plenty of problems of its own to even worry about something like this.

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