Instagram Begins Trials For TikTok Inspired Full-Screen Home Feeds And More Recommendations For Its Main Feed

Instagram is busy experimenting with a number of tests that are designed to level up its feed.

Firstly, the platform is trying to get the TikTok-inspired full-screen feed and that means putting videos at the center stage for its viewers. Did we mention how the app would be one step closer to appearing like its rival TikTok?

Well, that does not appear to be any major issue at the moment. Instead, the app revealed how its main focus was to allow users to immediately witness vertical content once opened.

The new test came in the form of a video announcement by the platform’s Head Adam Mosseri who revealed the news via a post on his Twitter account. He said it won’t be long before some of its viewers would be able to see taller images as well as videos that begin appearing on their feeds.

To make things clearer, the company shared an image of a home feed through the full-screen view. This entails an array of likes, comments, as well as captions that are present at the top of every post, as compared to being found below.

This view, as revealed by one Meta spokesperson, clearly highlights users’ home feed whenever they begin to scroll. And in case you’re still worried about the stories bar, while it isn’t seen in the image, it’s definitely going to be there at the top.

Meanwhile, the app confirmed how users would be seeing the regular Reels, profile, and search bar through buttons seen at the screen’s bottom. Meanwhile, both notifications and messages can still be seen at the screen’s top and with the classic feature of allowing users to switch from one account to another.

Secondly, Instagram says it has also begun experimenting with some more changes on its feed like introducing more recommendations. Therefore, users could now expect to see more content pop up from those accounts that they don’t already follow as a default, depending on what you’re interested in.

While it’s still unclear as to exactly how many you might end up seeing, the company does guarantee how each of them could be customized based on account following and also depending on the app’s usage frequency.

Many aren’t too surprised with the news about Recommendations as the app has frequently mentioned how strongly it supports the feature. After all, displaying content from accounts that users aren’t following is another great way to enhance their engagement. But it does come with a small risk of bothering users who are not interested.

Many experts claim that Instagram’s decision to test out their feeds focused on video is definitely not a major surprise. Remember, the firm has already mentioned how it has been generating plenty of views through Reels in the recent past and that’s why it's now even offering monetary incentives to creators who design top reels.

Late last month, the app’s CEO also shed light on how driven the platform was to alter its algorithm so more focus would be on original content when compared to those being reposted. This is another reason why they’re also playing with plenty of tools such as Templates that are designed to make use of Reels formats for regular videos.

In such a short span of time, we’ve seen the app introduce the famous ‘Following View’ that makes posts that you’re following appear in a systematic or reverse chronological manner. Similarly, we saw another change occur in March when Instagram brought forward Favorites where users can keep a tab on around 50 different accounts. And in case you wish to switch from one feed to another, simply tap the app’s icon that can be found on the top left.

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