YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Reveals That She Owns A Few NFTs On Ludwig Ahgren’s Podcast

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki recently touched on some important and trending topics with live-streamer Ludwig Ahgrenon his podcast The Yard.

YouTube has always been a platform that heavily invests in creators and encourages forays into newer pursuits. Shorts, for example, have only been around for maybe a year and yet has an entire creators program dedicated to it, helping YouTubers large and small alike earn themselves a living. Live Streaming continues to be one of the biggest online content markets nowadays, and in that very spirit YouTube’s decided to play ball. Recently video-game streamer and Super Smash Bros commentator Ludwig Ahgren announced that he will be leaving Twitch to start a streaming career at YouTube after the latter essentially drafted him to do so. Watching platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming contract streamers like it’s the NFL gives me a very mute sort of amusement. People who watch sports and yet complain about kids watching gameplay videos now have yet another thing in common with their object of criticism. Cute.

Ludwig Ahgren revealed this to the world via a video of him blowing up a purple car (classy as always), and then inviting YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki to his podcast, The Yard. Wojcicki, despite being the head of a massive business, has made time for such invitations before. Over the years, she’s made videos with famous channels such as Game Theory, Anthony Padilla, and MostlySane. With Ludwig Ahgren, she sat down to discuss the removal of dislikes, the future of Shorts, and NFTs.

The removal of dislikes has received a fair (read: massive) amount of backlash and criticism, some of which I myself tend to agree with. Be that as it may, Wojcicki seems firm in her belief that this move has been made for the betterment of the community as a whole. Then again, this is also the person who didn’t expect Rewind 2018 to receive the amount of dislikes that it did, so maybe some introspection wouldn’t be too bad.

I don’t know if I’ve ever made my opinions on the matter clear, but I don’t like NFTs. And no, it’s not because I don’t “get them”. Blockchain in general is proving to be uncomfortably harmful to the environment, and the end-result of all that waste is a digital image that is perhaps more effective as a form of money laundering than anything serious. Regardless, Susan Wojcicki claims to own a few, and is even looking into introducing them as a form of monetization on YouTube.

Finally, the Shorts creator program has been receiving criticism for effectively diluting earnings to the point that the average creator doesn’t earn all that much. Wojcicki’s response to this is that a new scale-able version of the program will soon be announced, although she was reticent on any further details.

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