YouTube Rolls Out New Filtering Option For User Ease On A Channel’s Video Page

YouTube has reportedly rolled out a new filtering option within a tab of a video channel’s page for its avid users.

Tech experts at first questioned the platform’s desire to do just that and that’s when the platform shed light on how it would enable users to find what they’re searching for with greater ease.

YouTube is not only adding filtering options but a range of sorting options too within each channel’s video tab. With this method, viewers can benefit from filtering solely by content type. This includes Video, Shorts, and Live offerings on each channel.

Simply select the content type filter that you require and watch with ease. Remember, the latest videos will appear first but there’s no need to panic. You can simply select the oldest video on a channel by manually clicking on it but you’d have to dig down deep.

The filtering option is said to be available on desktops, smartphones, and tablets too. And the best bit is that it’s for both Android and iOS users.

We believe the change will help so many users when conducting searches as the filtering tool targets users’ intent more accurately and at a faster pace.

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