Meta Tests All Of Its Options To Stream Games Simultaneously On Facebook & Instagram

While it may have been launched just four years back, it’s safe to say that Facebook Gaming has worked hard at trying to carve a niche for itself in the already competitive market of today.

After all, it’s not easy to compete with already established competitors like YouTube and even Twitch. In case you weren’t already aware, these two platforms are dominant when it comes to video gamers getting the best of the live stream experience, not to mention that exciting fan commentary.

The 2020 pandemic saw a boost in online gaming demands and that’s when Meta Platforms’ gaming unit decided to move ahead with its standalone app. Here is where users can follow streamers and play their game of interest.

Now, Meta hopes to allow cross-app game streaming. And that means streamers may enjoy a larger fan following.

The tech giant announced recently that it has begun the testing phase that allows users to stream on both Facebook and Instagram at the same time. This came via an announcement by the company’s North American gaming development partnerships head, Catherine Codddlington.

She went into detail about how users would benefit from the best of both worlds by live streaming on Facebook and then simultaneously broadcasting it through their Instagram accounts.

In this way, gamers can use the app’s exciting offerings like Reels or even Insta Stories. Moreover, Meta hopes this will pave the way for a breakthrough integration that gives Facebook streamers the potential to delve into a younger target audience that uses Instagram.

While it is still not clear when the rollout will come out but many gaming fans are calling the new gaming strategy by Meta a ‘pure genius’ and a ‘mega-development. Hence, if you happen to be a fan too, you just might want to keep a lookout for any official announcements by the company soon.

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