WhatsApp tests two new updates, Advanced drawing Tools and Media Visibility

WhatsApp comes with some new tools for drawings inside the app and before officially launching it, WhatsApp has introduced it as a test product to some users via WhatsApp beta. The recent version for iOS was

Earlier WhatsApp has introduced such updates in android in its version of beta. The total of 3 main changes were observed for Android version’s drawing tools including the blur feature and 2 new pencils features, as per WBI. However, iOS already has these features in its drawing tool, so now what will be the change in its updated version? This is the real question.

WBI shared a screenshot to clarify the whole scenario. Basically the places of the drawing tool’s components like blur feature and additional pencils will be changed which gives it a complete new look. These changes will also be made to Android later on. But like iOS, the update will be only for some tester users using WhatsApp beta. However, this interface will be available to more people after getting the desired results.

The second update to be introduced by WhatsApp is about the media visibility. This feature will basically remove the consequences and the remaining concerns of disappearing chats. As with the disappearing chats, the media of those chats had also not disappeared earlier and so it was not providing the desired level of privacy that was expected from the disappearing chats feature. So with this new update, WhatsApp automatically inhibits the media to be visible in the gallery after the chats are set to disappear. This automatically enhances the privacy policy.

This update is for both android and iOS beta users. A snapshot is attached below to further explain the feature for Android and iOS WhatsApp beta users. However, the media can be saved to the gallery on both iOS and Android through manual setting which is available in different versions of both. So it is slightly complicated whether it will bring desired results or not since manual saving is still allowed.

These new features are currently available for only a few WhatsApp beta users. To avail the new feature, one must have the updated beta version, and if update did not occur yet, then wait a few days to get the features.

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