Which Instagram Post Boosts The Best Engagement? This Study Has The Answer!

We’ve all seen Instagram evolve over a short period of time. From so many updates to exciting launches and more, the app is definitely on a roll when it comes down to giving its users the best.

But if you’ve paid close attention, we bet you’ve noticed how different Instagram posts behave differently in terms of engagement. Be it carousel, videos, or simply single pictures - there’s actually a huge difference.

At the end of the day, as a content creator, you never want your hard work to go to waste. And that’s why we thought it would be interesting to share insights from Later regarding which post on Instagram is actually the one that gets the most engagement.

After going through more than 81 million feed posts on the platform, putting Reels aside, researchers found the answer. And the results are out with some interesting facts worth a mention.

The feed post that gets the greatest engagement on Instagram

After collecting a year’s worth of data, the following findings were made. While some of you may be surprised, others, not so much.
  1. The feed post that received the most engagement on average was Carousel posts
  2. Pictures had a little more engagement rate when compared to videos on the feed but remember, Reels were excluded.

The real question now remains, has this trend always been the case since day one?

Further research brought back more answers as the study now decided to venture back into time and get statistics from the year 2020. And this is what researchers found:
But why is a question that bothered many and we bet you’re just as curious as we were?

The reason behind Instagram’s falling engagement

We understand that the engagement for all feed posts on the platform has fallen, from one year to the next. And the reason is simple: it’s all thanks to Instagram Reels.

The app has mentioned several times how its Reels feature is a very popular priority on the platform. Therefore, that’s the main reason why other types of posts have been forced to stay one step behind.

Is that really good news? Well, for someone who works hard, it can be a little disappointing not to get the results you anticipated. But wait, you’re not alone on this one.

Some of the biggest Instagram accounts claim to have suffered a major blow in terms of engagement decline. But one Instagram coach who goes by the name ‘shinewithnatasha’ revealed how even she has to face reality. And now, she’s giving out tips on how to react:

1. It’s normal for engagement to dip before or during any update

Instagram loves coming out with updates on a frequent basis. Be it likes on stories or new poll options. And that’s bound to affect the algorithm.

2. Analyze and Repurpose

It can be really daunting to see the metrics fall to a new low but wait, it’s actually not that bad. Simply analyze and see where you went wrong. Ask yourself what could you have done better and think of ways to improve by adding more visuals or different content types, perhaps changing the timings of posts can help.

3. Don’t take things personally and go with the flow

Sometimes the reason for poor engagement doesn’t have to do with new updates. In fact, there may be no reason at all. You won’t be getting out of this world of engagement for everything and that’s fine.

Remember, the key is never allowing it to affect your performance for tomorrow. Some engagement is better than none, accept it, and move on.

It’s more than obvious that with Instagram’s changing rules, fluctuations are inevitable. Clearly, what really works on the platform varies from time to time. And that means content creators need to stay at the top of their game, always.

2022 is the year to experiment

When you’re not getting the engagement you deserve, it’s great to keep up with the trends and experiment with what experts believe can really make a difference. Below, we’ve outlined the tips worth a try.

Instagram Reels: It's been raining Reels for a while now and if you haven’t joined in, it’s high time you do so.

Leverage your audience with user-generated content: Share what’s working for others but always take consent first

Build connections with captions: If you think storytelling is so yesterday, think again. Get the engagement you deserve by sharing content that you can best relate to.

Carousel Posts - What makes them so popular?

The facts are out and carousel posts are in a league of their own. Did you ever wonder why? Well, here are the top reasons.

According to Later’s Study, these posts outperform for several reasons. Firstly, you spend more time swiping through them than any other posts and that’s great for your algorithm.

Next, they’re bound to surface more on your feed, almost double or triple as much, giving users the chance to interact more.

Lastly, they entail the classic photo dump trend and people love seeing and engaging with such themes. After all, it’s more fun than static pictures or a single video. Don't you agree?

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