Analysis of 100+ Million Brands Posts Revealed That the Engagement Rate of Instagram is the Same as 2019

Instagram is one of the most widely used application around the globe and it is used by millions of users. The engagement rates on Instagram therefore depend on that same usage of users. It was recently observed by a team from Social Insider who recently teamed up with Sked Social and observed 102 million brand accounts on Instagram and found that the current engagement rate on Instagram is the same as it was in 2019 or even lower. This shows that Instagram has probably reached its peak and perhaps the rise of TikTok has majorly impacted the growth of Facebook-owned platform.

The study shows that there has been a sudden decrease in the engagement from last year as 2020 showed a slight increase in the engagement but there are speculations that it was because of the ongoing pandemic and lockdown giving people a lot more time to be online but when things are re-opening and life is getting back on routine the engagement went back to the pre-corona times. Surprisingly, another 2020 study by RivalIQ suggests that besides posting a lot of content on IG, brands reach is not improving much.

The new research based on 102 billion Instagram business pages revealed some interesting insights on what posts are doing well on the application.

The first observation was the same as we mentioned that the Instagram engagement is now on the same line as in 2019 or even lower if we compare it with this study or this, and it spiked in 2020 because of the pandemic but the engagement is back on its usual scale now.

It was also observed that Carousel posts particularly from small accounts with followers less than 5000 generate the most engagement and they are more likely to lead a higher impression rate on the application.

Carousels also increase the median number of likes on every Instagram post.

The research concluded that short captions with around 10 words work best on Instagram posts as the new generation wants information that is quick to grasp and does not like reading through long paragraphs. However, longer captions with the limit of 30 words work better on video posts.

One more thing which was observed and was quite new to us was that people are more likely to comment on video posts rather than static images because they find it the most interesting and are more intrigued towards it.

Instagram is a popular application and its engagement also depends on how much likes comments shares and saves a certain public posts has gotten. The better the engagement the more likely it is to fall on others explore page. But these factors also change from time to time sometimes likes are the most important while the other times shares and saves are what rule the engagement game.

Take a look at below charts and infographics for more insights:
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