WhatsApp’s New Beta Version Will Soon Allow Users To Monitor When Documents Are Fully Transferred

It’s no surprise that WhatsApp likes to try out new experiments with its already expanding features. And this new update is clearly no exception.

The app’s latest Beta version is soon going to be allowing users to monitor the estimated time taken for complete document transfer, a feature that savvy users believe is going to be super helpful when sharing huge media files.

Just recently, we all were witnesses to the platform giving users the ability to disguise media files shared by contacts in their chats from their own phone’s gallery. And just a little before that, we saw the app giving so many users the luxury of sharing media files that went as high as 2GB. Did you know, that Gmail only allows files up to 25MB?

But now, users can make room for another great update that has already begun beta testing.

Recent reports from WABetaInfo explained how the updated feature can allow the app’s users to fully monitor the entire document sending process, including the estimated time taken for a shared document’s arrival.

This way, users will be fully aware of when they can open a particular document. And yes, just in case you’re wondering, the update’s desktop version was already released last month but beta testers for both iOS and Android have just gotten their hands on it.

A recent screenshot unveiled by WABetaInfo delineates how the process works with a display of a bubble surrounding a circular status that slowly gets full when data transfers from the sender to the receiver.

It wouldn’t be too long to see other major apps soon following in WhatsApp’s footsteps and beta testing the features using a small number of its users to ensure it’s bug-free or whether it actually serves the purpose or not.

However, since the update’s ETA variant is present on desktops already, it won’t be long before we all see it popping up on our WhatsApp mobile. And until then, the anticipation continues.

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