WhatsApp Tests Out Users’ Ability To Send File Sizes Up To 2GB

When it comes to some of the most widely used applications around the world, Whatsapp ranks among the best. But that doesn’t mean the app comes without its fair share of limitations.

Users are quite familiar with how WhatsApp is limited in regards to the file size being sent across its platform.

While experts agree this doesn’t affect photos but when it comes down to videos and large documents, it just might end up being rejected.

But there is hope for change as the app appears to be in a testing phase involving a new feature that allows sending out files that are up to 2GB in size.

A recent report from WABetaInfo confirmed how WhatsApp is in its testing phase, where trials are being conducted in Argentina at the moment to see whether or not the change can be implemented.

According to a few lucky users where these features are being tested, a number of them claim to be discovering texts that inform them about file sizes being increased to as much as 2GB.

Prior to this change, the limit was 100MB for documents but whether or not the app is seriously considering this implementation of larger file sizes, only time can tell.

In the past, WhatsApp has been scrutinized for compressing images but with this new feature in place, many are hoping to send out quality enhanced pictures that are less compressed. Similarly, that also means saying hello to larger videos instead of resorting to alternative methods or applications.

The application’s capabilities of file-sharing with conversations are considered to be one of its key features since the year 2017. But despite that, it is yet to alter the standard 100MB limitation from that time until now.

Tech experts aren’t too sure if this new change is limited to a temporary and local test or whether it is the start of a bigger rollout. But past records of the platform reveal how it tends to perform its trials of enhanced features in this particular way.

Therefore, there is a very good chance that users would soon be welcoming this change as a norm for all, in the near future.

Meanwhile, other new features for WhatsApp that appear to be in the pipeline soon include options relating to iMessage-style reactions to texts and carrying out polls within a number of groups.

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