The Latest WhatsApp Beta Is Adding More Options To The Under-Development Polls Tool

A new WhatsApp update is adding the polls feature, which itself was rather recently introduced in a beta test, reports WBI.

This recent beta has brought WhatsApp up to version I’m honestly surprised it’s only now that the developers have decided to introduce a feature such as polls to the platform. It honestly seems like such a natural step for a social media platform that, even when compared to the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, is definitely much more social. WhatsApp’s an app that’s entirely built around the premise of being in touch with day-to-day individuals all the time; family members, colleagues, work associates, friends, they all fit the bill. Every other WhatsApp group is just a cluster of eight friends trying to figure out where they should go for lunch and when. I honestly feel like polls are incredibly useful for WhatsApp. No one plans hangouts or schedules meetings over Facebook. They do it over a WhatsApp group. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have the convenience of setting up a poll which will let everyone input when they’re available for a certain meeting. Or maybe your family’s being indecisive about ordering food and figuring that out over messages can be such a hassle. Honestly, I’m very surprised that polls have been around for so long and only now is WhatsApp getting access to them.

Even right now, as the platform stands, polls aren’t available to the general populace. They’re only available on the beta interface, which means that we could have ourselves a few months’ worth of waiting on our hands. At any rate, let’s look at the recent update to polls and what it brings to the table. The recent addition to WhatsApp polls entails the addition of more options for individuals to vote from. Moving on from yes-no statements, polls will apparently allow users to select between up to twelve separate options. Options can also now be moved to separate locations and positions, which can make rankings or any other such system much easier to display.

Again, since the feature is in beta, there is no knowing when it’ll be released to the general public. My hope is that it doesn’t take a literal year to fruition, but the most likely bet seems to be a few months anyways.

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