WhatsApp Will Soon Release New Camera Interface And Communities Tab Feature As New Updates

WhatsApp deserves all the credit in the world for not only being the world’s most famous messaging app but also for its desire to tweak its features on a routine basis.

Just recently, we were aware of the app entering its testing phase for 2GB files, not to mention an array of new updates for voice messages too. Now, the app is gearing up to introduce a camera interface that iOS fans had for a while, followed by an exciting communities tab too, as spotted by WBI.

First things first, it’s better late than never to see the innovative camera interface arrive for beta android users. This comes with an exciting look for media selection too. Additionally, users can expect to see the pop-up media bar from the camera, which by the way, had been removed for iOS users.

Remember, if you don’t happen to be a Beta tester, there’s nothing to worry about. We bet you’ll find the new feature sometime soon. And if you happen to be extra lucky, you’ll be able to send higher quality images to your friends, thanks to the app’s increased file-sharing abilities, which will go up to 2GB.

The second exciting rollout feature is the app’s commitment to working on communities. Hence, it now seems the platform is finally giving both Android beta and iOS users an exciting tab that encases all of their communities in one place.

Think along the lines of a feature that gives you the freedom to organize all WhatsApp groups in one location through admin tools. While there is very little official information on the update, experts revealed that this new tab will replace the camera one. And that means being redirected to a tab marked as Community Home.

Clearly, both these updates are worth the wait and we’re sure you’re just as excited as most WhatsApp users are.

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