WhatsApp’s New Update Can Be Applied To The ‘7 Billion’ Voice Messages Sent Through The App Each Day

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the market and it’s no surprise to hear how the platform is used to send 7 billion voice messages on a daily basis.

The Meta-owned app has also reportedly rolled out an array of new features that the company says can be utilized for any of its voice messages.

Yes, that means voice messages just got so much more interesting with the new functionality. But what exactly does it include and why are people more excited than ever to use it?

Playback Options for Out of Chat Messages

If you’re keen on multitasking or simply don’t have the time to see and listen to a message in peace, well, there’s hope for you too. WhatsApp says it will now allow its users to read or even sent out replies while they are busy listening to the message.

Pause or Resume Recording

In the midst of recording their voice texts, users can also pause a certain recording and then carry on without having to worry about their message being lost or deleted as you’ll be allowed to resume as per your convenience. We can’t wait to try this one because sometimes, we all need a moment to sit and gather our thoughts.

Visual Representation of Sound

Otherwise termed as a waveform, viewers will now get the unique chance to view and follow the voice recording pattern.

Voice Message Preview

Say hello to previewing your voice message for any changes or errors before sending it out as a final text.

Playback Memory

For those who wish to continue their voice note after leaving it incomplete in the middle, this one is for you. You can simply start your message again or restart from the exact same point that you had left your message.

Fast Playback for voice messages

Gone are the days when one had to listen to a message at the same speed at which the sender had recorded. This fast playback option on the app gives you the chance to play voice messages at nearly 1.5 or double the speed. Moreover, this feature is available on both the regular as well as the forwarded version so it’s a win-win situation.

Considering the ever-growing popularity of voice notes in today’s modern-day, WhatsApp hopes to cater to the masses with an exciting compilation of features that makes hearing and sending messages a more worthwhile experience.

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