WhatsApp Introduces New Forwarding Limit Restrictions For iOS Users In Group Chats

To help curb the spread of a wave of misinformation, WhatsApp revealed its decision last month to introduce new restrictions on forwarding messages to more than a single group chat.

This update was announced for its WhatsApp beta for the Android version but now, it appears to be introducing similar forwarding limits for its WhatsApp iOS users, as spotted by WBI.

The new restrictions help put a limit on users sending out a chain of forwarded texts. To be more specific, users would no longer be allowed to send forwards texts to more than a single group chat.

Tech experts revealed how sending out forwarded messages to one group chat was only allowed at any one single time. And it makes sense, considering the growing levels of spam and misinformation on the rise in today’s time.

WhatsApp made it very clear how iOS users can expect the change on the latest version of their app, which will soon be rolled out in the next few weeks.

The news comes as the world-famous communication app just recently rolled out updates for an exciting tool for its voice messages feature that will soon come through for all users soon.

A recent report proved how WhatsApp's new forwarding limit for Android users saw a massive decline in texts that were forwarded at an alarming rate. Hence, the success there could be one of the many reasons why it opted to continue the update for iOS users as well.

While users can still forward viral messages to individual chats without any hindrance, the company says the main target of their update is group chats.

After all, no one likes receiving false messages that do nothing but create panic during a time and age when we’ve already got plenty of things on our minds. What do you think?

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