Google is experimenting with a new feature that will show likes on the Discover feed

Google is the most used search engine with more than 4.5 billion searches per day. Most tech companies try their best to bring new features and updates to make their platforms more fun and easier for people to use; Google is doing exactly the same.

Google is experimenting with a new feature that will let users see how many likes a story has gotten. This feature is still in its experimental stages and its release is certainly doubtful as of the present. Google has started to show the like counts of articles or blogs on its Discover page to some users.

While picking a story, the amount of likes is something most people pay attention to. The more liked the article the more it convinces the user to read it. But it is not like that the feedback option is new because that option has long been there in the form of a small heart that resides in the bottom right corner of the story. Also by clicking on the three dots or the menu option, you can give your feedback. This new feature is only a refined version of the previous one. It is made so that the feedback would be clearer for the indecisive users.

This change can pose a potential phase shift for the Discover section but will also help users or websites that are under-rated and have the potential to become something great by offering them some exposure. As of now there has been no statement from the tech giant that this feature is being used for anything other than regulating the users own feed, but it may be shocking for many users to learn that their feedback while anonymously is being shared with other people to promote the website. And the other thing is that this feature has only been seen in a few articles related to a specific topic in a particular article or post. This feature also seems very selective as it was spotted by 9to5Google only in a single device out of a handful.

It is a very cool feature that will help users to gain some popularity and for the ones who don’t have any posts to better curate their feed and keep only what they want on there. Google is an app that has in the past released amazing features and we are sure that this one will be no less when it is released.

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