Users will soon be able to enjoy WhatsApp with new message reacting feature

WhatsApp is going to introduce a new feature which will allow them to use reactions on messages. This new feature will be seen soon on WhatsApp.

If we talk about reactions, they are simply given on many of the apps. These apps can count Facebook as well as Instagram. Now, WhatsApp is one of the apps trying to work on the development of the reaction option. This option is under testing phase, soon it will be accessible for the users, as spotted by WBI.

Previously, it was confirmed by WBI that soon WhatsApp will be working on the message reactions. Many of the users are talking about it. Reportedly, they will be providing the users with around or between 6 kinds of emojis for the users. These reactions will include the common reactions. For example: Thanks, Love, Laugh, Surprised, Sad and Like.

According to the update, WhatsApp will be giving its users more variety. This is assumed because of the plus sign they will be adding in the corner (as appeared in the screenshot, featured below). The plus sign will possibly indicate that the users can react with their favorite emoji. Moreover, in future you can find other updates from us as well.

Users on social media are speculating the date when they can use this new feature on WhatsApp. Unfortunately, there is no specific date given by the WhatsApp. Once it is officially confirmed, we will make sure to update everyone.

Soon after the availability of this feature on WhatsApp, all you have to do is a long press to the message you want to react. You have to choose one emoji to react and simply tap on it to apply it on message as a reaction. You can also test it now, by following the simple tap procedure. If you get no response or reaction, you will automatically know that this feature is not ready to use. Moreover, an update can also specify the presence of this new feature.

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