Twitter Users Celebrate As The Much Requested For ‘Edit Button’ Is Becoming A Reality

When it comes down to one feature that Twitter users have been anxiously waiting for so long, we bet the ‘Edit Button’ comes into so many people's minds.

In case you weren’t already aware, there is a huge possibility that it’s actually happening after Tesla owner Elon Musk sent out a teasing tweet to users, moments after he received the crown for being the app’s biggest shareholder yesterday.

The billionaire sent out a Tweet in the form of a poll where he asked users if they were keen on having the edit button. But his options of yes or no were misspelled, with many at first assuming that it was a joke.

However, the tweet was reshared by the company’s CEO and that’s when many got the feeling that their prayers were being answered after years.

Now, Twitter has announced how it is working hard to make the edit button a reality. But what exactly will the new feature do?

Well, the main idea revolves around allowing users to make any changes to their posted Tweets. This way, users will get the chance to fix the long list of errors and spelling mistakes or simple typos in the tweet. Hence, this saves users from compromising their Tweets as was seen in the past.

Experts believe the initiative for the rollout is great as many won’t have to sacrifice the responses, likes, or even the reshares made on a particular post.

The company recently announced how it planned on beginning the testing phase as soon as possible with its Twitter Blue users. And that means in the next few months, hopefully.

The news was taken in a positive light by so many people who feel it was much needed and hence we no longer have to see memes regarding the possibility of the button coming into its virtual existence.

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