Elon Musk Asks Twitter Users If They’re Interested In A New ‘Edit’ Option After Becoming The Company’s Biggest Shareholder

Billionaire Elon Musk has officially become the world’s biggest Twitter shareholder after purchasing a staggering 73.5 million shares. And it’s safe to say that his wealth isn’t shrinking anytime soon.

Experts revealed how the mighty investment is approximately worth $3 billion. But it’s interesting to note how it comes at an oddly unique time.

In case you may have missed it, the Tesla owner was recently caught criticizing the platform’s management, especially the app’s failure at promoting free speech for all. However, it seems he may have moved on a little faster than most people would expect after seeing this news.

To make things more specific and clear, Elon Musk has nearly 9.2% of the company under his ownership. Yes, it’s true that he won’t be getting any voting rights or have the luxury of a boardroom seat but rumor mills claim he might be taking another more adventurous turn in the future.

Think along the lines of taking greater control of the organization with some experts claiming that the decision could come sooner than expected.

Over time, critics claim that it doesn’t require an expert to see how the billionaire’s relationship with the platform is complicated, to say the least. There have been numerous instances where his own Tweets have put him in a tangled mess.

Some people even questioned his mental state after he used his account to put up the most bizarre questions or perhaps share the most unique memes. Let’s not forget the good old Putin challenge where the Tesla owner asked the Russian leader for a physical brawl.

But now that’s he’s the company’s biggest shareholder, Musk is on a mission for change and that’s why he’s asking users if they’re interested in an ‘Edit’ button through a poll.

The poll had the words, yes and no misspelled intentionally, although many at first felt that it may have been a joke. Moments later, Twitter’s CEO retweeted the poll, and that confirmed its authenticity.

Parag Agrawal mentioned how the results of the poll were important and therefore asked the tweeters to think carefully before answering. Hence, this was a clear indication to plenty how an ‘edit’ button could actually soon be on its way.

For years, so many Twitter fans have requested the button but their efforts have been in vain. Therefore, this positive change by Musk is being welcomed with open arms.

At the moment, it’s unclear how exactly the button would function on a platform where resharing is the ultimate aim. Well, in case you’re just as curious as the rest of the world, you’ll have to wait and watch.

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