Android To Soon Allow Users To Freely Select Text Within Tweets

Just the thought of copying Tweets for free may sound ordinary to some but it’s a feature that so many users anticipate for obvious reasons. Let’s face it, it’s a luxury that iOS users are accustomed to but Android ones are not.

It’s no secret that the Twitter Android application has been far behind arch-rival iOS for a number of years. But that doesn’t mean the two competitors won’t ever be on equal grounds as Twitter is working wonders to catch up in the competitive race.

Thanks to a recent Tweet that was outlined by experts, Twitter revealed how it could soon be enabling users with Android to randomly select text present inside Tweets. That means saying hello to the good old copy and paste.

And yes, we know exactly what you’re thinking, iOS clients, have been allowed to do the same for quite some time.

At the start, there was great confusion surrounding this news. After all, several Android phones already enable users with that freedom.

For example, you can find Pixel phones from Google offering a feature called Overview Selection. This way, you’re given the ability to randomly choose text from your screen, and simply select and paste with ease.

But so many experts were quick to point out how it is not available for all Android devices. And truth be told, some say that other than Google Pixels, it’s still not confirmed who has it.

Jane Manchun Wong was one of the first to spot the feature and we bet we’ll be seeing more and more beta testers and users will be able to avail the feature.

At the moment, Twitter is yet to reveal when it plans on rolling out the dynamic feature for its users. But critics hope the time comes soon because taking so long for something this simple is beyond many people’s comprehension.

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