Google Maps Takes Advantage Of New iOS Functionality By Adding Traffic Updates And Other Exclusive Features

Whether you’re on the road or off, Google Maps is every person’s companion when it comes down to steering the wheel in the right direction. Hence, it makes absolute sense as to why it’s the world’s greatest navigation service.

The tech giant recently revealed how it plans on going on step further with the new iOS functionality by introducing an array of new and exciting features.

iOS users are aware of how the app does a great job at alarming users of different toll routes, especially when your navigation is left on.

Now, the app is taking things to the next level by giving users information on toll prices for their entire journey, after undergoing a period of testing last year.

This particular data is being paved forward with help from toll officials and is also centered based on which day as well as the time you plan on moving ahead with your journey.

Google revealed how the functionality will soon be at the disposal of iOS users as early as this month. And that includes providing data that is sufficient for countries like Japan, India, America, and Indonesia too.

But wait, there’s more! The app hopes to give users better navigation by enhancing street data through an indicator for your speed limit. Now, you’ll be able to see the presence of clear road signs. Moreover, users may now expect to get details on roads such as their width and their shape.

These particular road indicators will be made available in a few weeks for both iOS and Android users.

Lastly, Google Map iOS users have one other upcoming feature worth their while. The entry of the new iOS functionality means seeing a change in the app’s features too. This includes a brand new widget that has trips pinned.

You can now see times of arrival, departure, and any suggested routes too. Similarly, you can make the most of directions and begin navigation using the Apple Watch. And it won’t be too long before you find some more diverse integrations for the ever so handy ‘Siri’ feature.

Google says it also hopes to incorporate its Shortcuts and Spotlight with the app, giving users the best of both worlds.

The plan definitely sounds informative and intriguing to many experts and it’s a clear indication of how hard the app is making to ensure a safe and pleasurable driving experience. For now, it’s just restricted to iOS users but we hope to see some upcoming advancements that Android phone users can take advantage of too.

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