Twitter is now testing new formats to upgrade the advertisement suite

Twitter is making continuous efforts to provide the advertisers a platform with a more simplified and performant ad suite.

Starting this week, Twitter is going to introduce some new updates regarding the advertisement suite, these new updates are reported to test three new formats, which includes collection ads, product explorer and interactive texts. These new updates will be of many benefits for the advertisers but on the contrary, the users will have to get used to these updates because of the fact that their timeline will get quite a bit more commercial.

With the collection ads, the advertisers will be able to showcase their products for their respective users. The brands will be provided with a facility to display a primary picture along with five comparatively smaller thumbnail visuals just below the primary picture. The customers can easily scroll through these thumbnail images and each of these images will be provided with a link to redirect the customers on a specific product page or on a different website.

The second feature, namely the product explorer will also aid the advertisers to showcase their products more greatly. With this new feature, the customers will be able to see three dimensional ads on Twitter and can rotate their desired products to take a better view of the product from different angles. Other social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Pinterest have already made this update available for its users. But it will be the first time that Twitter is going to display three dimensional advertisements.

Last but not the least, the third great update that is soon going to be released by Twitter is the interactive texts. With this new feature, the advertisers will be able to highlight three words in their advertisements. These advertisements will appear with a bolder and larger typeface as compared to the standard fonts in Twitter timeline. Also, the advertisers will be given an option to choose between ten colors to highlight their advertisements. And upon clicking on these highlighted words, the customer will be redirected to the pages that are chosen by the brand.

With these new updates, it will become easier for brands and marketers to get the attention of their customers to a considerable amount. All three of the above mentioned formats will be made available to people in the United States on Android devices, Web as well as on iOS devices. Although there is no set date for a full launch of these updates, Twitter is working hard to make these updates available soon in all regions.

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