Microsoft makes it to the list of 100 most influential companies in 2022 and they rightly deserve to

The companies in the world work year after year to serve great purposes to the people associated with them. While they do great work it is important that they get recognition for it too. To do this, TIMES magazine every year issues a list of companies which are doing great work and gives them the recognition they deserve.

According to TIMES, the list and categorized companies are selected based on the following factors: impact, innovation, ambition, leadership, relevance etc. Like every year, TIMES issued a list for the 100 most influential companies too which features big names including Amazon, Alphabet (AKA Google) Apple, Meta (AKA Facebook), TikTok and of course Microsoft.

One of the leading but quite unsurprising names was Microsoft. Microsoft was literally the core foundation of the world of tech and over the years has only tried to make it better. It wasn’t a shock that Microsoft made the list again this year. The list was concluded based on the workings of 2021, and Microsoft has done a splendid job in the past year.

The technology platform not only showed and served some great acquisitions and collaborations with other companies but it also spoke on many important factors like the Ukraine-Russian war. Hence, this shows that the company not only works on matters which concern their company and users, but also speaks on the matters of the world.

This makes Microsoft an amazing company and a great reason as to why TIME is issuing its name on the list year after year. Not only Microsoft but its CEO Satya Nadella is also doing great in terms of business and life.

The CEO made it to the list of the most influential people which was a list yet again issued by TIMES. The company and its CEO both are doing a great job. While 2021 was a great year for the company, we can’t wait to see what this year will bring for them and what the company will bring for its dedicated users.

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