Get Ready To Collaborate For Composing Tweets With Other Twitter Handles

Twitter has been found experimenting and carrying through some newly developed features. Some of these new features are only available for the users of “Twitter Blue”, while the remaining are available for the use of both free and paid users of Twitter the same. We have seen the evolution of Twitter before our eyes, a social platform developed for communication and information sharing with one not having the permission to create a text exceeding the 140-word limit has now transformed into a far more developed platform. Now you can’t only share information but also can join in live audio podcasts, share videos with several other options on the list.

The expected addition to the app could be the permission to collaborate. I mean hasn’t it ever occurred to you that you want to post a tweet for the sake of your opinion and your fellow’s concomitantly? Fortunately, Twitter has got you, as according to the sources the app is working on a collaboration feature where one handle is allowed to co-author tweets with another handle. So, it is yet to be seen whether this feature would be available for public users.

According to the research made by the developer of WATweaker and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi which showed in a lengthy sequence of tweets, the collaboration feature is no new, but the app has been developing since December 2021.There is a catch, the person intending to co-author a tweet with another Twitter account must first send an invitation to that other account with keeping another thing in consideration that this other account has to be public. And if that other account accepts your invitation, congratulations to you!

Because now you’re both allowed to co-compose a single tweet. This feature will help the followers of both accounts to view the collaborations of both accounts simultaneously. Furthermore, the names of both accounts would be mentioned on tweets rather than the one who initially wrote them. But, at the end of the day, the feature is still not fully-fledged, and God knows when it might be. So, the probability of this new feature being released widely is still very thin.

On Twitter, users already have the freedom to tag and mention other Twitter handles in various tweets and photos. Anyhow, the original tweet does not show up on the timeline of the mentioned user.

On the other hand, as per Nima Owji, Twitter is working on analytics for tweets with videos. This will expectedly assist the user in several ways: the user can view the total number of views on the video included in his posted tweet either of them being unique views or views from his followers, the total count of views on his video used by other Twitter handles in their respective tweets which mean that surprisingly, the metrics comprise the combined views on his video even if it is retweeted on separate tweets.

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