The United States Department of Justice is reported to reopen an investigation against Google Maps

It has been revealed that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has been quietly investigating Google Maps since late 2020. But now the department of justice is looking more closely into this matter.

Google Maps is an online mapping platform owned Alphabet. Google maps offers aerial photography, satellite imagery, 360 degree interactive panoramic images of the streets. It also plans routes for people traveling by foot, air, car, public transport or bike. Moreover it also enables the user to see the real time traffic conditions and provides accurate directions. Due to this online mapping facility it has become easier for the people to explore and navigate the world easily and fast. Due to this reason, Google maps has been widely used all over the world.

But as per the reports, The United States Department of Justice has been investigating Google maps since late 2020. And according to the reports of Reuters the department of justice is still interested the investigation that started in 2020 that whether Google's combination of maps along with other Google software is illegitimately suppressing competition.

The inquiry has two points. The first point focuses on the apps that are supplied to car manufacturers and are utilized in infotainment (as in information and entertainment) systems. Google’s Automotive Service package deal bundles Google Play app store, Maps, Google Assistant, and many other different services. In this package deal, vehicle agencies are not allowed to use different voice assistants aside from Google’s. For this point, Google claimed that the combination of google maps with Google’s other software simply allows the users to have the best possible experience.

The other point focuses on the application itself as well as the website developers. Particularly, the department is calling at Google’s conditions that if a website or an application makes use of one Google technology, for instance Google’s location search, the website or the application developer can not use maps or different technologies developed through Google’s rivals. In response to this point, Google states that its only area of interest lies in giving the best experience to its users. If a user uses other applications along with Google software, it may give rise to some error and therefore result in poor experience.

Despite Google's statements, the department of justice has declared that Google has broken the antitrust laws. It can be expected that Google will have to face the trials by the year 2023.

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