The New And Improved Formula Suggestion In Google Sheets Will Make Your Life A Bit More Easier

Google does not shy away from introducing features that are in direct competition with other platforms in the market. Since Google’s inception , they have branched out from just being a search engine. Google Docs for document writing and editing, Google Drive for cloud storage and Google Maps to guide you around town. One of their many products is about to get a huge update, and it will make your day to day use of this product a hundred times easier.

If you are a frequent user of Google Sheets, their new addition to the tool is only going to make you love the platform more. Google recently announced an update on their Workspace updates blog regarding the online spreadsheets programme offered by the platform. Accordingly Google, they launched intelligent corrections designed for formulas in Google Sheets. This feature was introduced last year. In simple words, it recommends specific formulas for the cells based on the data you are working on. This is particularly helpful when one is writing the formula to calculate their data. The suggestions allow you to review and write new formulas easily and quickly, lowering your chances of making a mistake.

One simply starts typing the formula in a specific cell, and Google sheets will automatically list suggestions. As you continue to type in, the intelligent feature will be able to suggest a formula more able to analyze the data that you are going to be processing. You can also choose alternative suggestions located in the drop down menu. These intelligent formula suggestions were introduced to make it easier for consumers to use Google Sheets. Almost a year later, after going through initial and later testing, Google is finally introducing these as an official update. You are likely to see these features rolling out in the next two weeks. Google also allows its consumers the option to enable or disable the new feature. You can simply turn it off from the suggestion box or do it manually by going to the Tools menu and locating the formula suggestions.

Google continues to make its programmes easier and continuously introduces features to provide its platforms with a more friendly interface. These new additions are likely to lower your workload by preventing the hassle of having to type out the formulas one by one. Instead, Google Sheets will identify and recognize your data all by itself. This not only saves you time but also increases your productivity. Individuals and businesses are more likely to process higher numbers of data with this newly rolled out feature. There is no need to worry as this feature will be available across all its users. Legacy G suite, workspace, as well as personal users will be able to avail this feature. Be on the lookout for this new handy update in the next few days!

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