Google has launched an app that allows Apple users to switch from iOS to Android

While many people prefer to use the software that is the initial one of their device, some people often tend to change it because they want the phone and not the software or maybe the software isn’t just working for them. Anyways some people do change their device’s software and if you are someone planning to do the same, then Google is here to help you.

The transition from iOS to Android can sometimes be more time consuming than needed for multiple reasons but there are apps to assist the user if the need appears. And now it seems like Google has also launched an app that is purely intended to make the transition between the two operating systems more smooth and easier for the users. This app is long overdue as the Android to iOS app made its debut on the Google Play Store back in 2016 and the iOS to Android app is fairly new.

The iOS to Android switching app currently only guides new users through the steps every person who is setting up a brand new Android phone will have to complete. Those steps include backing up photos, media and messages. It will also tell people how to get all their data from the iCloud to Google Drive which is a better option than iCloud because it offers 15 GB for free while the latter offers only 2GB which is a small amount. The app will also direct the user as to how to disable iMessaging which means that other than which iPhone users will not be able to send messages to the user. This is perhaps the most important part of the procedure so make sure you don’t forget this step.The app will also ask you to scan a QR code that will appear once the app is launched.

In the not too far away past, Google only allowed the data to be transferred by downloading Google Drive and transferring all the data from there by uploading it. It was clearly a tedious task but now it has been cleared a little bit by the tech giant itself.

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