How to grow like a pro on TikTok? Here are some relevant tips you should consider

The short video conglomerate, TikTok reveals tactics to gain more followers within short full-screen videos. The company shares some useful tips for content makers to maximize their reach and gain inevitable user’s engagement.

TikTok has given a tough time to other social networks, and it is successfully growing since its debut in 2016. This year, the app hits around three billion downloads worldwide. It’s actually a culture driver in most regions and this is the main reason that most of the brands are looking toward TikTok to get promotions and target the relevant audience. As per TikTok, if you want to go viral on social media, you need to get a tune-up with a simple approach. Follow these ways and you are good to go.

First of all, make your videos stick to a 9:16 aspect ratio and make sure your video resolution should be 720 pixels high. Secondly, try to follow the existing trend. Brands should use trending memes and popular hashtags to create a relevant video that can be appealing to the masses. Leveraging high-level trends will not only expand TikToker’s creativity but also help in gaining more views. Also, creators should look at the overall statistics rather than keeping an eye on a few likes and comments. Thirdly, in order to get more views, add trending sounds and voice-over to your video clips. Besides this, showcasing characters in your content is worthy too. All of these things will make your content more appealing.

Moreover, TikTok recommends its users to post high-quality, engaging content to hook the viewer’s interest in the clips, and they keep on watching your content more and thus boost your content’s reach. In addition to it, an interesting feature on TikTok is ‘For You Feed’ that shows video clips posted within the last three months, and the latest videos hit more views soon after they have been uploaded. Having said that, if you post creative and fresh content on a timely basis then your chances of getting more user insights will be at maximum. The company also says that posting regularly won’t help in reaching more public because too much posting will minimize the chances of being frequently seen. Above all, to pull up your socks, you should consider adding suitable hashtags to your videos. You probably know FYP. FYP is TikTok’s homepage, having plenty of systematically organized content tailored to viewers’ tastes.However, the company says adding #FYP won’t assist you in getting more user engagement. Hope these tips help you to maximize your content’s performance.

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