WhatsApp is allowing its users to generate link previews on Desktop App

The WhatsApp users were facing a lot of trouble regarding link previews on WhatsApp desktop. Not only this but the users were also struggling with certain other problems. Fortunately these issues are now being addressed by the WhatsApp authorities.

Last year in November, WhatsApp authorities introduced a multi-device feature. This feature allowed users to connect secondary mobile devices to their respective WhatsApp account. WhatsApp revealed that the multi-device feature will allow users to link up to four devices alongside each other. This new feature came with a lot of troubles and bugs that required to be fixed. For instance; users were not able to receive their chat notifications and they were unable to generate link previews on WhatsApp desktop. As a matter of fact, WhatsApp has always supported the link preview feature but due to some technical issues, it stopped working.

WhatsApp has been consistently working to provide its users the best possible experience. Therefore its engineers are well aware of the fact that the multi-device feature and the link preview feature is causing troubles for its users. WhatsApp is actively working to eradicate these troubles. In fact last week, WhatsApp addressed the issue regarding the link preview and introduced a fix for this trouble. Due to this, the users of WhatsApp desktop are now again able to see the link previews without any trouble, as reported by WBI. But users are still not able to generate the link previews on WhatsApp web, due to the fact that it is still unsupported. Users are hoping that WhatsApp will soon get rid of this issue as well by supporting more features on WhatsApp Web.

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