Twitter's New ‘Unmention’ Option Will Soon Allow Users To Exit From Chats Themselves

Twitter has officially begun its live testing phase for the new 'unmention' option and as you can probably guess, it’s something that users have been wanting for quite some time now.

The feature will allow Tweeters to exit from chats or conversations themselves, especially if they’re no longer interested or don’t feel comfortable continuing.

Twitter revealed through a public statement how it planned on protecting users' peace more than anything with the update and that’s why live testing has started. But what exactly will the new ‘unmentioning’ feature allow users to do?

Well, for starters, you will no longer have your username tagged with this feature in place. This stands true for both replies given as well as the original Tweet.

In the same way, other users will no longer be able to mention you in that particular chain again. And the best bit is that you won’t be getting any more notifications regarding updates for that particular chat. Does that sound interesting enough?

However, Twitter users will still be able to see your name in those Tweets that you were a part of from the start. But once the feature is active, you will longer be active in that particular conversation.

Critics believe it’s definitely a handy feature when it comes to that added stress or pile on notifications that never seem to end, especially on a ‘misguided tweet’. Also, you no longer need to worry about pressing that muting option.

Many are seeing the update as the text version of the ‘remove from picture’ feature that will soon apply to Twitter chats. And what better way to distance yourself from a particular discussion than this?

In case you didn’t know, the option was initially revealed by the app last year in June. It was supposed to be a part of the long list of tweet control features that would serve to protect against unwanted mentioning or dragging a conversation that you no longer wished to be a part of.

Tech experts believe this new feature will rid away from the great stress and criticism that comes with being an avid user of the app. After all, what better way to protect your own sanity than distancing yourself from a toxic discussion.

Twitter is clearly working hard along these lines as the app has even put forward features that mute both users as well as keywords. They hope advancements like these can give users great control over their own Tweets, chats, and replies. The same goes for the introduction of alerts for ‘offensive comments’ too.

Many believe this is Twitter’s new strategy to attract a larger audience because let’s face it. No one likes being called out or attacked continuously and with these updates in place, that clearly decreases the chance of that happening. And who knows, more users may end up joining it.

Remember, one of the many reasons why so many users behave silently on the platform is because of their fear of being criticized in case they say something or end up doing something wrong.

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