Twitter's New Data Highlights Important Travel Trends Across The Platform

Twitter has recently shared data, detailing insights into traveling trends across the platform and how they continue to grow and evolve.

Traveling has really been transformed by the advent of social media. More accurately, our documentation and experiences with traveling have been altered in a major way by online platforms and the influencers that inhabit them. I’m not one for going on entire lengthy tirades about how Instagram and Twitter are ruining current generations, and how everyone’s always on their phones nowadays. However, travel blogs are almost inescapable online, with literally every other social media account documenting the adventures of a worldly, dreamy young individual who travels because they want to open their horizons and live life a little. Side note, I’m pretty sure I’d love expanding my horizons and living life too if tickets to anywhere outside of my country didn’t cost me a massive dent in my salary. But I digress. Travel journalism is no longer confined to the occasional lifestyle magazine article; it’s a major source of income for many people.

While most people commonly (and correctly) associate travel blogging with the likes of Instagram, Twitter has its own reasonably large community of such like-minded influencers as well. Therefore, it tracks that the social media platform would want to encourage more and more individuals to invest in both travel blogging, and by extension Twitter itself, by highlighting what trends seem to be making waves. We’ll take a closer look as well. Also, to all individuals reading this article and considering a career path towards travel blogging on social media, I’d recommend having either a steady income or rich parents.

2021 seemed to be quite a year for travel-related discourse on Twitter, which makes sense. With 2020 being doused in COVID restrictions, I’m positive that over half the world decided to travel abroad and get as far away from home as possible. For much of the world, that was only possible in 2021. With that in mind, the usage of “recommending” keywords also shot up by twenty-eight percent across 2020 and 2021, which supports the hypothesis. Summer 2021 saw such a massive influx of travel-related tweets, that the total number dwarfed the yearly average by seventeen percent.

Amongst these tweets, destinations were the most commonly brought up topic of interest, with forty-three percent of tweets concerning the subject matter. Trendy keywords included exploration (which is just vague enough to be considered adventurous and bold), concerts, festivals, and events. Tweets regarding traveling in Europe increased by a massive 394% across 2020 to 2021. Urban exploration and business travels also attracted a lot of online attention. However, hiking, national parks, and camping saw overall year over year disinterest. Which sort of saddens me, but camping can also be such a hassle.
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