Snapchat Is On A Mission To Maximize Inclusion By Revamping Its Bitmoji Avatars

We’ve seen Snapchat previously work on a number of different campaigns and right now it appears maximizing inclusion is at the top of their list.

The company recently unveiled its decision to add a more diverse approach to Bitmoji avatars. And this means adding a number of assistive animations to its already popular characters.

Snapchat’s move was recently announced by the company through a public statement that highlighted how it was now expanding representations by incorporating the most popular assistive device into the app.

This includes the hearing aid, wheelchair poses, and cane stickers too that can be added to wheelchair poses.

With the latest version of the app available, the platform hopes more and more of its users can witness themselves in 3D poses with these devices, whenever looking at their profiles.

You can even go as far as selecting a particular hearing aid color that is added to one ear or even both. Don’t forget, there’s also an exciting range of famous Bitmoji stickers that surround the cane.

This is definitely being looked upon as a great move for Bitmoji, especially taking into consideration Snapchat’s new vision for characters to represent the world. And in case you’re wondering, it’s going to be available in a long list of applications.

For instance, the ever-so-popular metaverse is all set to include digital avatars with one simple vision in mind. And that’s related to users being represented as different characters in both the AR as well as the VR world.

Interestingly, Bitmoji has mostly been seen as a 2D option but now, trends are changing. And that means Snap’s new move could potentially introduce a dynamic 3D approach by adapting the tool to these modern environments.

This also seems to gel in well with the company’s plans to market sales relating to digital clothing. It hopes to give retailers a chance to market all of their products through digital means that showcase items in a new context of Bitmoji characters.

At the moment, this lines up well with real-world product sales. Simply put the attire you’d like to wear on the Bitmoji character as Snapchat tries to link the option of buying offline.

It won’t be long before we see the world of digital clothing take off with a niche of its own. And that’s another reason why promoting inclusion should be at the top of the list as more and more people can feel that they matter.

Snapchat says that its wheelchair sticker that came out last month did wonders in terms of sales, hitting the 30 million benchmark. Let’s not forget the great positivity and impactful reactions harnessed from people over time.

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