Data Reveals Best Posting Time Across Social Media Platforms Including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

A study from Sprout Social reveals the most ideal times to put up posts across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Social media and almost any venture go hand in hand nowadays. Effective marketing in our tech-driven world is essentially impossible without having social media platforms to rely on, and active ones at that. Of course, not every business venture wished up to this quickly enough and suffered relative consequences for it. Wendy's, a fast food burger chain in America, started performing better than its competitors, which included the likes of McDonalds and Burger King, all because of an incredibly effective marketing campaign. Wendy's Twitter account made a habit out of roasting its competition in fairly contemporary lingo (I feel old), leading them to connect with consumers in a way that everyone else struggled to keep up with.

KFC's current trend of bizarre projects, such as a Colonel Sanders dating sim, has led to the company cultivating an effective online persona as well. Of course, how well a company performs online is entirely dependent on the audience they're strutting for. With the recent trend of "silence, brand" memes over the internet, it seems like netizens have caught on to corporations disguising themselves to appear friendly and approachable.

All of that is to essentially state that a social media platform is necessary for any marketing whatsoever. However, it's difficult to start an entire marketing campaign online; one has to account for poster designing, video editing, writing captions, picking out optimum times to put up posts, and so forth. With this latest study at hand, however, perhaps I can at least help with the final point.

Picking an effective posting time is by no means an easy task. It relies so much on one's audience, time zone, number of posts per day, etcetera. Sprout Social, a tech company geared around building marketing analytical tools for companies, decided to look into the matter. Its study, while not being an all-purpose zeitgeist covering effective social media posting, does reveal the best average times for putting up posts on different social media platforms.Best in this case is a concept defined by a post's individual reach.

With that in mind, let's start looking at the results with Facebook. While one would expect Saturdays and Sundays to harbor the most engagement, with everyone having the free time needed to scroll through social media, that doesn't seem to be the case at all. In fact, Saturdays and Sundays feature incredibly sparse engagement. That honor is instead reserved for the weekdays: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday all enjoy the highest engagement at 3AM specifically. Tuesdays also feature a lot of engagement at 10AM and 1PM respectively on Meta's main platform. Ultimately, posting anywhere from 2AM to 2PM on weekdays is a good bet for Facebook.

Instagram's social media engagement works a bit differently than that of Facebook. For instance, while weekends continue to be not as valuable as weekdays, they enjoy enough attention between 9AM and 2PM to not be considered disposable. Weekdays are still amazing bets, but optimal posting times have shifted a bit forwards: 10AM to 1PM is the most ideal posting time on weekdays, with audience attention staying comfortable enough until 7PM.

Sundays are once again considered disposable when it comes to Twitter. Saturdays, however, are bringing in maximal engagement on the platform, even if it is for a short set of hours. 9AM is the best bet one can make on Twitter.

LinkedIn offers perhaps the most well-rounded engagement chart out of all its study participants. Saturdays and Sundays are yet again irrelevant; weekdays, however, enjoy extended, if not scattered, attention throughout the day. Anywhere from 6AM to 5PM can be considered an ideal time to put up posts on the platform.
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