Zoom’s New Reaction Features Make Your Meetings More Life-Like

The pandemic was not an easy time for many of us. Being confined to our homes and having to work virtually did not sit well with a lot of people. Still, platforms like Zoom stepped in to ensure that our virtual presence felt as physical as possible!

The massive platform Zoom gathered millions of users around the globe during the pandemic. Its features provided a certain relief being in virtual meetings allowing users to communicate directly, comment and respond to questions. Since then, the platform’s demand has only increased, even though the world is moving past the pandemic. Many choose to communicate virtually after the shift from physical to the remote that was brought by the pandemic.

The platform’s latest update focuses on an array of features. Perhaps, the most striking of these newly introduced features is the software’s ability to identify, interpret and respond to gestures made by the participants in the meeting. The new feature is called Gesture recognition, and for now, it is limited to thumbs up and raised hand emojis. If you are new to the world of gesture recognition then here is a quick summary of what the topic hosts. You will no longer need to access the tab at the bottom to respond and can pretend to do so in front of the camera, and the software will automatically recognise and register your response. The new feature, for now, is only available on version 5.10.3 or higher. You can easily enable the option. However, the host will have the ability to shut it down!

Hosting a virtual classroom in zoom for your students or coworkers can be a downgrade from the physical ones. You have access to whiteboards and presentations. While you can just as easily share your screen with the meeting’s participants, it can be a bit restrictive. Zoom’s new feature will transform your ability to communicate your ideas and thoughts. The whiteboard feature is an innovative addition to the platform’s update. A virtual whiteboard is shared with all of your participants, and you no longer need to use third-party apps to avail this feature. The digital whiteboard comes loaded with a bunch of color options, markers and features to make your presentations as lively as they can be!

Audio lags and cuts can be a great hassle whether you are the presenter or the listener. It is frustrating for your coworkers and your students if you are a teacher. Zoom is now introducing features to make the audio quality better. Their team is implementing the knowledge they gained from extensive polls and surveys done in the Asia Pacific regions. Not only this, but the team also made it easier to record and upload the whole meeting for up to 9 people! This is an excellent addition for those who miss out on the conference and can catch up on it later. The platform’s last addition is mainly for those with a work email. This comes with two-factor authentication disabled, and the software detects anomalous logins.

Even after the pandemic, virtual meetings are on the rise, and platforms like Zoom are enthusiastically jumping at the opportunity to earn revenue and make your meetings more life-like!

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