Samsung Teams Up With iFixit To Allow Users To Repair Their Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung is revolutionizing the world of technology as it hopes to soon allow users the ability to repair their own devices.

The tech giant revealed how the possibility of that taking place could be as early as this summer.

The brand shed light on its partnership with iFixit as a way to bring forward the breakthrough advancement that has so many people in great anticipation.

This means anyone that has the Galaxy version S20, S21, or even Tab S7+ could soon be allowed to conduct their own repairs across the mentioned devices.

Common repairs worth a mention include changing display screens, the phone’s back glass, as well as its charging ports.

The collaboration with iFixit will allow Samsung to produce genuine parts and an array of repairing tools that come with user-friendly guides that can be availed easily for support such types of guided repair mechanisms.

The company also spoke about how nearly 1700 locations are currently at their disposal where users may drop any unwanted devices. Hence, they believe this way, the return of parts would surely be a simple procedure for the majority of people.

Similarly, the brand revealed how it had offered a similar service in the past when nearly 2000 vans were on the move to help users repair their Galaxy devices in case they were hesitant to come to the stores.

Many experts believe this new approach is definitely a positive step that tempts more and more buyers to carry purchase more Galaxy phones so they can carry out the repair themselves instead of relying upon someone else to do it.

Updated reports show how many other giants in the world of technology are now viewing iFixit as a trusted partner that thoroughly embraces the power of consumer repair. For instance, the company is already making head waves with Microsoft Surface.

Just last month, iFixit announced its collab with Valve who selected the former as their authorized selling platform for numerous parts of its Steam Deck venture.

If and when this collaboration with iFixit does prove to be successful, many tech experts hope to see Samsung expanding into the project with an array of other supported devices. This could include Galaxy versions S22 and Tab S8, potentially for the future.

Surprisingly, the news comes just a few months after leading tech giant Apple revealed its desire to introduce a ‘self-repair service’ location to its store where users could purchase numerous parts belonging to their smartphones or their Mac computers.

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